MMP Review: – Part 1

Integrating Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) or Mobile Attribution Partner (MAP) SDK requires a lot of efforts. You must to decide which is the best one to use.

The most popular MMPs in the market are AppsFlyer, Adjust, Apsalar, Kochava, and Unfortunately, the review of MMP I mentioned is scarce. Especially the new one,, as a new contender in Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) business, offers quite interesting monthly pricing, $59 per feature for up to 50.000 monthly active users (MAU). So, I think it is interesting to create a review about it.

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How To Build Low Cost Brand Awareness For SME

Building brand awareness is a tough job. It can’t be built overnight. It must be nurtured overtime and it requires a lot of marketing budget.

If you are a small medium enterprise (SME) business owner, you will run out of cash to achieve the brand awareness the most of people think about.

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[SHORTCUT] Installing WordPress on New LEMP Ubuntu 18.04

We summarized our experience on setting up WordPress on LEMP Ubuntu 18.04. We use Digital Ocean as our virtual private server. It comes with PHP7.2, FPM, and Certbot pre-installed. Nice isn’t it!

  • Enable SSH to accept outside root connection. Open /etc/ssh/sshd_config, find PermitRootLogin and PasswordAuthentication lines. Set it to yes, and restart sshd by executing sudo service ssh restart.
  • Install NGINX on Ubuntu first. The point is the NGINX must be allowed by the Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) first.
  • Install WordPress. Here is the shortlist: Create database, grant user, setting up NGINX, create configuration file for your website inside sites-available, setting up wp-config.php, restart FPM and restart NGINX.
  • Install SSL. LEMP Ubuntu 18.04 on Digital Ocean comes with Certbot pre-installed. Just type ‘certbot’ in the command line.
  • BONUS. Setting up HTTP2. This can speed up the website up to 2x.

By the way, there is question which is better upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 to enable PHP7 for WordPress or start from fresh droplet or VPS account? The answer is better to start from the fresh one.

Upgrading from 14.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 will require you to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 first, in the meantime your server will be down and you’ll be firefighting the error. We don’t recommend upgrading your system. Start from a fresh droplet is easier and safer. Trust us.


[SOLVED] Fix WordPress Update Requires FTP Credential

The FTP credential needed when trying to update WordPress is really annoying. However, to fix that problem is easy. It is related to file and folder ownership and permissions.

File and Folder Ownership

We need to change the file and folder ownership to www-data. Apply for both user and group otherwise it won’t work.

Usually the folder of web server directory in Linux is /var/www/ we need to change the ownership on public_html itself and files and folders inside it to www-data.

$ cd /var/www/
$ chown -R www-data:www-data *

File and Folder Permission

Same as above, we need to change the file and folder permissions for both public_html and files and folders inside it. But, isn’t it difficult to change those things one by one?

Therefore, we created a guide to change the file and folder permissions recursively in an easy way. For files you need to change the permission to 755 and for folders 644.

Let us know if you still have problem.

Create and Delete SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt

Before creating the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate you must do the following basic prerequisites first.


    1. Don’t forget to put your domain inside /etc/hosts file.
    2. Create NGINX configuration file in /etc/nginx/sites-available/ folder.
    3. Create symbolic link to your domain’s NGINX configuration file inside /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ folder.
    4. Test your setting by executing $ nginx -t. If all good then restart the server $ service nginx restart

    Let’s go enable your http into https and redirect the http to https forever.
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Brand Identity Building Framework

What is identity? According to Fearon (1999) an “identity” refer to two definitions that can complete each other as follow:

  • A social category, defined by membership rules and (alleged) characteristic attributes or expected behaviors.
  • Socially distinguishing features that a person takes a special pride in or views as unchangeable but socially consequential.

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The Accurate Definition of Customer Loyalty

We’ve found many definitions of customer loyalty over the Internet. Blog articles, scholarly journal, and marketing tutorial websites, many of those, are discussing and defining the customer loyalty. Yet the accurate definition of customer loyalty is still in debate.

Here, we will promote the closest to the most accurate definition of customer loyalty. Our judgement based on readings and all references available in the Internet.

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The Most Profitable Industry For CPC Advertising Publishers

Hitwise of Connexity published a data fact about online searches by industry particularly for mobile device. We think, the data is very important to formulate more robust strategy for CPC advertising publishers.

By using the data, publishers can determine which niche or category they should join when planning to expand their website portfolio. The graphic below shows the share of mobile device domination in 11 industries.

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How To Optimize CPC Retargeting Campaign?

Criteo, Jampp, RTBHouse, Google Ads Remarketing, SDK based remarketing, and Facebook Ads remarketing are prominent examples of many retargeting service providers out there. You might be already using one of it or all of them.

Services like Criteo, Jampp, and RTBHouse are using cost per click (CPC) cost model which is cost a lot. Prior to costly marketing spending in the next future, you want to know exactly how those money suckers can be optimized.

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