How to Connect VPS with SSH from Ubuntu Terminal

You can connect your VPS with SSH from your Ubuntu Terminal. You only need to install SSH Client on your Ubuntu by running this command on your Terminal.

sudo apt-get install openssh-client

After than you can connect your VPS. You’ll need username, VPS host/IP, and password. If you know those all information about, you can start using this command.

ssh username@host

Type ENTER, and then fill your password. If it didn’t ask for a password, or it is not connected or error, you can change the connection port to 2200. By default it is port 20, but some servers using port 2200. You can modify that command above into this.

ssh username@host -p 2200

the -p stand for enabling port selection option and 2200 is the port going to be connected. In real world it would be like.

ssh -p 2200


ssh root@ -p 2200

You can learn more about this on Beginning SSH in Ubuntu.

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