How to Take Resizeable Screenshot on Ubuntu’s Terminal

At the first time I was using PrtSc (Print Screen) button to take a screenshot on Ubuntu, but it was not satisfying because it took the entire screen. I want resizeable screenshot with chosen area.

Using ImageMagick

I found How to take a screenshot on Ubuntu Linux which talked about it. I found it was using the imagemagick. You can install it by running this command.

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

How to use is very easy, just simply running this command, from your terminal.

import screenshotfilename.jpg

Screenshot using imagemagick

The screen will be frozen waiting for you to drag/select area you want to take.

Using Gnome screenshot command

Instead of installing imagemagick, you can also take a screenshot by default screenshot program. Run this command on your terminal.

gnome-panel-screenshot -a

The option -a stands for AREA which means you are able to select the area you want to take. If you want to read further explanation you can visit How to Take a Screenshot in Linux (GNOME) or type.

gnome-panel-screenshot --help

To see available options which will helps you out.

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