Does Changing Website Theme/Template Cause Banned from Google?

There is question that may be important for you to learn about Google. Does changing website theme or template cause banned or sandboxed from Google search index?

I purely straight to the answer NO. I could say no because I know that the template you are going to use is.

  1. Free from spammy links
  2. Not made to spam Google index
  3. Not doing link exchange
  4. Free from hidden content
  5. Free from controversial, abusive, useless, or porn content

Why am I so sure about that? It is because I was thinking about becoming search engine programmer or web spam team in Google.¬†Acting like that, there is no way that I ban website which doesn’t have annoying content. That’s the main idea.

Why do I have to ban website because of the webmaster changed its website template? It is only when you are not obeying five terms I mentioned above.

Have you ever seen a website which has very ugly template design, gradually change the template every 2 months, and never get banned? Yes, it is because the owner of that website never do something that will get user mad or manipulate search engine. The owner did it so well.

So, don’t hesitate if you want to change your website template, unless you realize that the template is not good as I mentioned before.

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