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Download Pictures Galleries That Have Redirection

You want to download all pictures from picture galleries on a website. But, the picture gallery containing image with indirect link, for example:


If you straight click that image or link you’ll be brought to first, see the picture and there you can right click Save Image As or something. It is okay if you only save one or two. It’ll be hell if there are hundreds or thousands pictures.

Redirect Remover and Mass Image Downloader

First, you have to make sure that you are using Firefox 4 because the Greasemonkey’s Redirection Remover is not working anymore. Okay, now you’ll need the redirection to be removed by using Redirect Remover Add-on for Firefox 4, download and install.

You’ll also need mass image downloader. Fortunately there is free image downloader Add-on for Firefox 4, it is ImageHost Grabber.

After you downloaded and installed the both of those Add-ons, restart your Firefox. It will work well.

Now, open your picture galleries web page, you will see that if you click one of the picture you’ll be brought to simple page that contains a picture. To mass download it, you can right click on a picture > ImageHost Grabber > Get all pics on page.

I am using Windows 7 and Firefox 4, the two Add-ons work really marvelous! Tell me if it works!

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