How to Create a Quality Content for a Website

Here I will tell you how to create a quality content or article for your website or blog. Many people told that quality content is easy to create, but it is not true. For a newbie it is too difficult. So, it will be five ways you have to pay attention.

  1. Date: Useful to tell readers whether your article is new or old
  2. Location: Useful to tell readers if the place you talk about is exist somewhere
  3. Object: What kind of thing do you want to be knew by article readers
  4. Subject: To tell it is human, machine or devil that become your critic
  5. Reason: Everyone needs, at least, a reason why do you write the article and to make sense of your article

If you master all that five ways and implement it when you write your article, it will be better than you are not using one of those. You don’t need to be really clever, but having good discipline will lead you to the best writing experience.

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