How to Create .htaccess File on Windows 7 Easily

Do you feel dumb when you don’t have any ideas about how to create your .htaccess file for apache2 URL rewriting purpose on Windows 7? I had been in your position too, I had felt dumb when I couldn’t create .htaccess file in a folder. Until I found the way to create it easily. So, what’s special?

  • You don’t have to open any notepad or another writing software
  • You don’t have to search for the “how to” on Google because it can be easily remembered, believe me.
  • You won’t get “You must type a file name!”

Here is the way you can do it:

  • Create file by Right click on desired folder > New > Text document
  • Name it .htaccess. (just ended by dot, don’t give any extensions)
  • Enter

Ta da! You created it!

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