How to Find Folders and Remove It Manually with SSH

My db-cache-reloaded had made my day very bad. My site considered as Malware site. So, I asked Hostgator support to scan all my directories upon my account. Then, Krasimir (Security Administrator) guy found the obsolete db-cache-reloaded made bad effect because it allows any hacker to exploit files. That’s horrible.

I asked him about how to remove all db-cache-reloaded from my account. He recommended of using two commands in order to avoid removing files I might need. First, he told me that I can find all instances of db-cache-reloded and then remove it. Here are the commands:


find -type d -name db-cache-reloaded


rm -rfvi [path]

[path] would be the path to the db-cache-reloaded folder you will get from the first command.

Thanks to him!

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