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How to Import Google Chrome Bookmarks into Google Bookmarks

This is a mess since Google Chrome doesn’t have any utility to manage its bookmarks to online Google Bookmarks. It is also an irony since both of them are Google’s. Here is the only way to have your Chrome bookmarks into Google Bookmark.

Wrench icon pictureClick Costumize and control Google Chrome icon and then click Bookmark Manager. If you want to make it fast just type chrome://bookmarks then push enter.

After the bookmark page appeared, click Organize and then choose Import bookmark. It will save all your bookmarks to an HTML file. Note: In some case you’ll need to rename the file to have an .html extension.

Importing Google Chrome Bookmarks into Firefox 4

If you still using Firefox 3, you should upgrade it to Firefox 4. But, it is okay if you still want to use Firefox 3.

Import your saved .html extension bookmark to your Firefox by clicking Bookmarks and click Show all bookmarks on the menu. If you need it fast hold CTRL + SHIFT + O. The bookmark library will show.

Click Import and Backup and then click Import HTML. Choose next, select your HTML bookmark file, and then open. It will quickly get your bookmarks imported into Firefox.

Importing Firefox Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks

You’ll need to install Google Toolbar first before you can import your bookmark to the Google Bookmarks. If you have it already then you can pass through.

Sign in to Google Account picture
You have to sign in first to your Google Account by clicking Sign in on the Firefox Google Toolbar. After you signed in you’ll see the green circle turns on.

Google Toolbar Bookmark picture

Click Bookmarks on your Google Toolbar and choose Import Firefox bookmarks. The Google Bookmarks website should appears in no time. It will show you all the bookmarks imported.

Google Bookmarks picture

Un-tick not important bookmarks, if you’ve done considering which to save just click Import. Congratulations you’ve got your Google Chrome bookmarks imported into Google Bookmarks. Now you can access your bookmarks from any browsers as long as you have an internet connection!

Good Luck and please spread through Twitter and Facebook if you like this guide! Thank you!

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