How to Remove Google Chrome Cache in Ubuntu

I tried to clean my Google Chrome cache in my Ubuntu 10.10. First time I tried, I was so confused to find where is the cache folder is. Then, I found that the cache folder is hidden. To find it go to your home directory and then hold CTRL + H. It will show you many hidden files and folders.


You’ll find .cache folder, open it. You’ll see google-chrome folder. Yes, it is Google Chrome cache folder in Ubuntu. Open it if you want to clean the cache, you’ll find these folders first:

  • Cache
  • Default containing another Cache and Media cache folders in it.
  • Media Cache

Just clear the cache, don’t remove or delete the folders. If it is look like lag when you open it, you can try from your terminal to clean the cache. It is faster.

Don’t forget to type CTRL + H for the second time to hide your files and folders as before.

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