My Own Nofollow Rules

Since Matt Cutts ‘never’ answers all the root questions as shown here, I have my own nofollow rules. Here are my rules:

  • I will not use nofollow attribute if it is not spam sites
  • I will use nofollow attribute to Wikipedia because Wikipedia can freely take our content and put our link in their page BUT it is NOFOLLOW
  • I will not use nofollow attribute to paid post because Google never knows it if someone doesn’t tell it, THIS WHAT WE CALL FREEDOM. Moreover, big sites or big blogs do some link exchanges camouflaged by “guest post” or anything, so why can’t we?
  • I will use nofollow attribute on comment author links

If you want to follow my nofollow rules it will be better to create a great and healthy community against oppression and monopoly of search engine rules, in this case, Google.

My rules may extend by anytime. So, don’t miss it and bookmark this page. Thanks!

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