The Differences Between Broad Match and Exact Phrase in AdWords

I’ve been curious about broad match and exact phrase in AdWords until I found the clear answer about that in Google AdWords forum and Google AdWords help. If you are too lazy to go there you can read below.


  1. Is there a reason to have both broad match AND exact match?
  2. If I marketed say, bariatric surgery would having a broad match “bariatric surgery” get me people searching on “surgery bariatric” or “bariatric surgery tulsa”


Unlike phrase match, the broad matching option is supportive of change in word order, singular/plurals switches, synonims, typos and additional words. Precondition is, of course, that the resulting keyword variation is relevant to your advertising.

Therefore the answer to your second question is: yes chances are that e.g. the query bariatric surgery tulsa will trigger your keyword unless your campaign is geotargeted at Philadelphia in which case the lack of relevancy will likely prevent the ad from showing.


Here is the table of broad match and exact match example that will be good for you to understand.

Broad Match (“baseball clothing”) Exact Match (“car washer”)
buy baseball clothing car washer
sell baseball apparel
baseball apparel for sale

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