When Does The Backlink Appear In Google Search Console?

Whether you are a newbie SEO practitioner or senior, you might want to know how long does it take for Google Search Console to list the backlink you’ve put on a website.

Our experiment is putting some backlinks on different websites to approximate on how long it going to take to be appearing on Google Search Console. You can see in the featured image that we put one annotation on October 29th 2018. On October 17th and 18th 2018 we’ve also put two annotations, but unfortunately couldn’t be seen on the featured image. All annotations on those dates represent backlink.

After waiting around a month finally the links have appeared on Google Search Console under Manual actions > Links menu. It took around 30 days for backlinks on October 17th and 18th 2018 to get indexed and 20 days for backlinks on October 29th 2018.

All Backlinks Are Indexed

Are all backlinks indexed? Yes. We put five backlinks on different websites and all of them are indexed. The type of backlink is sitewide and non-contextual. We didn’t put it inside an article, but on the right sidebar.

The conclusion is sitewide backlink worked well on non-contextual placement and got indexed on Google Search Console in 20-30 days, in our case.

When does your backlink appear in Google Search Console? Share your case.

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