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How To Build Low Cost Brand Awareness For SME

Building brand awareness is a tough job. It can’t be built overnight. It must be nurtured overtime and it requires a lot of marketing budget.

If you are a small medium enterprise (SME) business owner, you will run out of cash to achieve the brand awareness the most of people think about.

Brand Awareness Perspective

You must change your perspective on how you look brand awareness. Most of the people define brand awareness as global brand awareness, a total mass recognition to the brand. Not like that.

Think of brand awareness is brand awareness of the people you’re targeting to, not the people from entire world.

Say you have a coffee shop business located in Florida. Do the people in LA, which is 2,500 miles away, need to know your coffee shop? No, not now. The same logic applies to your business I guess.

I will highlight people here. You need to know who they are, where they live, what they want, how they get to your business, and when is the right moment to get their attention. Yes, dig deep dive into your potential customers’ mind.

The Marketing Channel For SME

You don’t need television commercial (TVC), you don’t need big hanging billboard on the highway, and you don’t need radio broadcast.

Personalize and Localize Owned Channels

I would say the combination between personalize and localize is persocalize.

Do the mix between demographic of your target customers and local custom or community. This is very important to sharpen on how you market your service or product, and perform effective brand awareness.

This should be applied to owned channel such as physical store, website, and blogs, and also rented channel such as social media account either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of them.

Local Community Event

Participate in local community and its event as a sponsor. It is fantastic if you can get local public figure or notable speaker or leader in the area.

It will bring your product or service more relevant to your audience not because they need it, but because someone they believe in supports your product.

Utilize Paid Digital Marketing Platform

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the best platform so far to target segmented audience.

With the same logic as it is applied to persocalize, you must know your target customers first. To make it more practical, the following knowledge on target customers is a must:

  • Location: Define your target customers’ location.
  • Gender: Which gender dominate the pie.
  • Age: It is young, teen, mature, elderly?

Define your target customers based on above criteria, you’ll save much time and money to build brand awareness.

Mix, Measure, and Repeat

Mix all of those channels above to get customers relevancy and strong brand awareness per individual.

After you mixed all of the channels make sure you have some sort of measurements. It is to control your marketing budget and see the effectiveness of each marketing channel.

To start, start with the question you want to answer. For example, you want to know which channel is the best. You must ask your customers through survey or anything. The question is like where did you know about our product or service? Then get creative as far as you can.

Got the answers already? Repeat. Yes, it needs to be repeated to produce incremental growth. But, do not skip the cycle. Don’t skip mixing the channel, don’t skip measuring the effectiveness of channel, don’t don’t repeat 🙂

Surely you’ll get strong brand awareness for certain target customers if you’re doing it right and persistence with the repeat.

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