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MMP Review: – Part 1

Integrating Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) or Mobile Attribution Partner (MAP) SDK requires a lot of efforts. You must to decide which is the best one to use.

The most popular MMPs in the market are AppsFlyer, Adjust, Apsalar, Kochava, and Unfortunately, the review of MMP I mentioned is scarce. Especially the new one,, as a new contender in Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) business, offers quite interesting monthly pricing, $59 per feature for up to 50.000 monthly active users (MAU). So, I think it is interesting to create a review about it.

Some of you might have some questions before deciding to invest your mobile app engineers to integrate SDK into your app.

I will review one by one about features. Most of them have issues that I don’t really like. This one I will answer the following questions:

  • How to login into
  • How to compare organic and non-organic install.
  • How to measure uninstall rate on

How To Login Into

Is that necessary to be discussed? If you are a user I bet you have faced this ‘How the hell can I log in into’ issue.

The biggest issue in their website is the pathway login page.

Take a look at the screenshot I took from website front page on 15 March 2019 below. Click to enlarge. website frontpage

Please tell me where can I log in into your account if you’re a user? No, you can’t find it on the front page. You have to click Sign Up, then the following web page is appeared. Sign Up Form

After the form above is presented, you have to click Sign In barely visible link which is located far away on the top right corner of the Sign Up form.

Finally, the following login page is found. Fantastic! Login Page

Comparing Organic and Non-organic Installs

Please take a look at Summary page of below. Every time you logged in into you’ll be automatically redirected into the page.

Summary page of

How to compare between organic and non-organic installs on No, you can’t compare it using built-in feature.

All you have to do is manually get all the install summary and subtract it by paid advertising installs.

How To Measure Uninstall Rate

It is important to measure uninstall rate isn’t it? You must be working with some ad networks or at least Facebook Ads to grow your user base. You want to know if you’re driving the valuable user for your business, not that who just curiously install your app and then uninstall. That will hurt your business.

Therefore, knowing uninstall rate from each marketing channel becomes very important to you to decide which ad networks or which Facebook Ads adset that must be scaled up or cut down.

Unfortunately, couldn’t afford your need. You can’t find it in the dashboard. I even met the account manager to ask if it is hidden somewhere. The answer, they don’t have it.

Shame isn’t it?

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