Google AdSense: Small CTR = Losing Earning

In Google AdSense discussion sphere, do you believe that if your CTR is low then your earning is high? That’s not totally true.

I have got an impression, a click, and a dollar. It means the CTR is 100%, and I got a dollar. Meanwhile, I got an impression, a click, and a cent. It means the CTR is 100%, and I got a cent. It means the price for a click may vary.

That’s why I called small CTR equal to losing earning. When you don’t have a click from your visitor it means you got nothing. It is better to have a cent than NOTHING. PLUS you don’t know the price for every click. It is possible to get $10 from a click, and it is possible to get $10 from 10 clicks because you don’t know how the system works behind.

Do you agree?

How to Earn with Google AdSense less than a WEEK?

Many people say that you must develop website for a certain time to get many visitors. Yes, it is true. But, when people say, earning bucks with Google AdSense is taking much time. No, it is not always.

What do you need are:

  1. The precise keyword domain name with many visitors
  2. Setup a good CMS in a day (making privacy policy, contact, and about us pages)
  3. Publish two posts with keyword that you targeted
  4. Setting up simple theme/template for your website to boost the CTR

I earned couple of dollars less than a week using this technique. But, the difficulty of this technique that you have to know about what keyword searched by many people.

Is Translating Can Get You Banned from Google?

There is a question from someone: “If I translating a content to other languages using Google Translator and put it in my blog, can I get banned by Google?”

The answer can be YES and can be NO.

YES, if you directly translating content and then put it to your blog without any modification at all.

NO, if you translating content using Google Translator and fix the grammar to be fit and proper as language you translate to.

Can Google detect translated content from a page? Yes it can if you are using Google Translator. So, don’t play too easy with Google, make your content more unique and has good grammar.

How to Convert Currencies in Google?

You can use the currencies converter provided by Google. For the quick dirty trick you can using syntax in Google search box.

google currency converter how to use

The syntax to convert US dollars to GBP, for example: $45 us dollars to GBP. If you want to convert another currency you have to know country currency code, such as if I want to convert dollars to Euros I type $45 us dollars to EUR.