How To Build Low Cost Brand Awareness For SME

Building brand awareness is a tough job. It can’t be built overnight. It must be nurtured overtime and it requires a lot of marketing budget.

If you are a small medium enterprise (SME) business owner, you will run out of cash to achieve the brand awareness the most of people think about.

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Brand Identity Building Framework

What is identity? According to Fearon (1999) an “identity” refer to two definitions that can complete each other as follow:

  • A social category, defined by membership rules and (alleged) characteristic attributes or expected behaviors.
  • Socially distinguishing features that a person takes a special pride in or views as unchangeable but socially consequential.

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The Accurate Definition of Customer Loyalty

We’ve found many definitions of customer loyalty over the Internet. Blog articles, scholarly journal, and marketing tutorial websites, many of those, are discussing and defining the customer loyalty. Yet the accurate definition of customer loyalty is still in debate.

Here, we will promote the closest to the most accurate definition of customer loyalty. Our judgement based on readings and all references available in the Internet.

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