How to Find Folders and Remove It Manually with SSH

My db-cache-reloaded had made my day very bad. My site considered as Malware site. So, I asked Hostgator support to scan all my directories upon my account. Then, Krasimir (Security Administrator) guy found the obsolete db-cache-reloaded made bad effect because it allows any hacker to exploit files. That’s horrible.

I asked him about how to remove all db-cache-reloaded from my account. He recommended of using two commands in order to avoid removing files I might need. First, he told me that I can find all instances of db-cache-reloded and then remove it. Here are the commands:

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How to Change Permission of wp-config.php and Other Files/Directory Massively

Few days ago, I got troubled by some unethical hackers. They’re changing my directories and files permission to 777 which has ability to World-read-write-execute. That kind of permission is very dangerous. I don’t know how did they get into my cPanel File Manager. I thought it was WordPress, WordPress plugins, or WordPress theme failure, so they could inject malicious script into my public_html directory easily and freely.

I’ve ask HostGator using live chat support but one of them has said that I can’t change the permission of files or directories massively even using SSH. That’s totally wrong because few hours later after that, I found the way. Basically, you have to know how to connect to your hosting using SSH. I’ve created a tutorial how to connect HostGator using SSH.

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WordPress “Error establishing a database connection” Checklist

If it is your first time to install WordPress, you can get annoying Error establishing a database connection. There must be some reasons why this annoying error message appears. Here are the checklist that may help you out:

  • Check that your database is correct. When you create a database manually in cPanel. You must be enter the name such as “newsite”, “mysite”, or else. But, when it’s done. It becomes yourusername_databasename. If your username in your webhosting is “becca” and your database name “newsite”, your correct database name is “becca_newsite” NOT “newsite”.
  • Don’t forget to add user to your MySQL database! This can be hideous, so please treat it carefully.
  • Set the right database password when installing WordPress. Where can you get it? It is when you create MySQL user. If you are using fantastico, the password will automatically generated.
  • Make sure the database is online by seeing server status at the left bottom corner in cPanel.

If you are sure you have completed the checklist and still error, you should contact your webhosting provider.