How to Cheat Search Engine by Using Article

Article or content is search engine point of view. Majority of search engines are looking for content to determine whether a website useful or not. Brand new and unique content is the choice for search engine to index it because those search engine bots are really interested with something new. I am not saying that I intend to create quality content for search engines because search engine bots can’t understand, feel, and give opinion about content itself, so why do we create quality content for them? We create quality content just for human.¬†And then, how to create content for search engines?

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Search Engine Quality Content is TOTALLY WRONG

Google can be said has been becoming the number one search engine on earth. Google determine a quality content by its algorithm. We can’t exactly know how Google algorithm works on quality content detection. As Matt Cutts said a long time ago, you have to create good content for your readers. To make it great content you have to know how to:

  • Attract your readers to give comment on your article
  • Make readers can’t resist to share your article and even create a new blog post with link to your article

Readers who give comment or share your article, they must be very interested with your article. They can be mad, happy, or sad. The point is you have to make your article touches readers feeling.

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